single use ice pack for dispatch and courier parcel

2 Ply - For Parcels/Transport

⇒ Easy Ice 2 - Ply sheet comes to you as a thin dry sheet just about 30gm. The sheet has plastic film on one side and cloth fabric on the other.
⇒ The sheet 15”x10” has 24 cells. The dry sheets can be easily cut in between cells,using paper cutter.
⇒ Shelf life for these sheets is long. Storedry sheets in polyethylene bags to avoid absorption of moisture.
⇒ Its common to cut the sheet in half size of 12 cell for easy handling and freezing.
⇒ To use,dip the sheets in normal clean water contained in a tub. Keep cloth side of the sheet facing water. Sheet will absorb water by itself. In about 12 minutes sheets will absorb enough water to weigh about 850gm for 24 cell sheet and 400 gm for 12 cell sheet. This is Hydration process.
⇒ Place the hydrated sheet horizontally in Freezer with plastic side down and cloth side up, so that sheets on to stick together due to ice formation during freezing.
⇒All cells in the sheet will freeze hard and you have a flexible frozen sheet. Freezing time could be 4 to 12 hours depending on type of freezer.Blastor tray freezers can freeze sheets in 2 to 3 hours and save energy. Freezing to-20°C is common.
⇒ Place frozen sheets above and a round perishables item and pack in thermal insulation boxes. Close the opening of the box with a wide cello tape. Box may be made of polystyrene, polyurethane, PUFF and such materials.
⇒ Placea bubble paper liner in insulation box for longer cooling. Frozen sheets are ideally place don top of perishable items and onsides.
⇒ Use one 24 cell sheet per 5 to 6 liter volume of insulatedc ontainer. Finally, No of sheets used depends on quality & thickness of thermal insulation, temp of payload, outside temp and duration of safe travel required.
⇒ Easy Ice packs are used by Pharma, food and agricultural producers for 2 to 4 days deliveries. Its an excellent ice replacement, as there is no wetting and water of melting like in the case of ice.