Cold/Hot Pack with Multi-Purpose Belt

⇒ Ice pack comprise of 12 cells and four layers, making it stronger & flexible. Water based system, hygienic, safe and washable.
⇒ Cool in Freezer; Heat in Microwave or hot water.
⇒ Stays Cold / Hot much longer than other pouch gel packs. Multipurpose belt fits on all important body joints / parts
⇒ 6 Universal size belt, fits body size small to large.
⇒ Use hands free; comfortable for sick, old age and children.
⇒ Belt designed to give compression for effective cold / hot therapy Replacement Easy Ice sheets readily available.

⇒ 2 Easy Ice gel sheets, each 9'/ x 7 inch; 24 x 18 cm
⇒ One Multipurpose belt
⇒ Instruction sheet

⇒ Cold Therapy reduces the inflammatory pain and disability of injury. It speeds up individual's return to play.
⇒ Hot Therapy relaxes muscle spasm, stiff joint, cramps, post fracture contracture, body ache and sprain/strain.
⇒ Compression effected by the elastic belt increases efficiency of Cold/Hot therapy.
⇒ Use cold or hot therapy as per doctor's advice. Recommended Cold/Hot therapy is 20 minute or less per session.
⇒ Consult Doctor in case of history of allergy to cold / heat and if discomfort/ numbness is felt.

How to use:
The first step is to hydrate the Easy Ice sheets. This is required once in the beginning. Do not skip this. During hydration Easy Ice sheet absorb water and cells swell.

Your pack has two Easy Ice sheets. One sheet is used in the belt at a time. Second sheet is extra.

Hydrate both sheets and keep them in freezer for ready availability of cold sheets anytime. Alternatively use one for cold and second sheet for hot therapy.

Hydration is best with warm/hot water; slower with cold water.

Immerse Easy ice sheets in water in small tub or kitchen sink. One by one hydrate both sheets.

To hydrate, fold sheet in a bundle and squish (i.e press and release or scrunch) in water repeatedly for about 10 minutes. Hydration enables every cell on the sheet to absorb water. The resulting weight of sheet is about 350 gm or 13 ounce per sheet.

Hydration can be done in one go or leave sheets in warm water and resume hydration as per time available and comfort.

Cool in Freezer:
To Use cold: Place hydrated sheets flat in freezer. Set freezer to lowest temperature. Let the sheets freeze for about 4 hours or longer. This will freeze gel in the cells. Now the cold sheets are ready to be inserted in the belt and use on body. While using belt on body If you feel cells are hard on skin; let the frozen sheet stay in ambient water for say 10 minutes. This will make the hard cells soft to use.

Heating in Microwave Oven:
To use Hot: Let sheet come to room temperature. Place them flat in microwave oven. Heating time depends on oven power. Single sheet will heat in about 40 seconds in 700 Watt oven. Adjust heating interval in small increments to suit temperature as required on body. For safety, handle the hot sheet with a towel.

One can also heat sheets in boiling water. Boil water in big top. Remove the top from stove. Put the hydrated sheets in the top with hot water, for about 5 minutes. Take out the heated sheets, wipe extra water.

Now the hot sheets are ready to be inserted in the belt and to be used on body.

Using Easy Ice sheets and belt:
The Belt has a pocket on outer side with flap opening. Insert cold/hot sheet in the pocket and Close the flap. The flap side is outer side and the other side touches body. Hold belt on required body part and engage the elastic. The elastic lengths on the belt are provided for going round larger part like waist.

When belt is to be used on smaller areas like knee, elbow etc; encircle elastic till length reduces and then engage on suitably.

After treatment (about 20 minutes) the belt can be removed, sheet can be put in freezer for reuse.

Easy Ice packs stay cool long enough to use for more positions at a go, like a sports person may use on back, knee and elbow, before depositing the sheet back in the freezer. Belt can be washed in washing machine. at ambient temperature.

When not using Easy Ice sheets store them in freezer or in an open plastic bag (not sealed), in the cupboard. Keeping in plastic bag prevents sheets from de- hydrating. Easy Ice is virtually maintenance free but can be re- hydrated in water as per original instructions for a few minutes every six months or so to maintain adequate hydration.

Easy Ice gel is non-toxic. Sheet is washable in tap water, anytime. The gel sheet is for external use. Do not eat, ingest or mix in drinks. Take care when using with children so they do not ingest it accidently. Do not cut the plastic film on the sheet for hydration/absorption of water. Sheet absorbs water as you scrunch it,dipped in water