4 - Ply Gel Filled Ready To Use

⇒ It offers reusable, flexible & hygienic ice. Long lasting does not melt & wet like ice. Wash any time under tap water.
⇒ Use in ice box to carry food, cold drinks, sweets, snacks and medicines. Keep item cool up to two days depending quality of ice box.
⇒ For shipment of temperature sensitive items in pharmaceuticals, agricultural and other industries.
⇒ Also works as warmer up to 6 hours. Heat the gel pack in Microwave or in boiling water.
⇒ Keeps fridge cool during power failure.
⇒ Pack of three sheets. Total 3x 500 gm, Each 28 x 19 cm

Using As Ice Pack
Place the sheets flat in freezer. Sheets can be stacked one over other. Set the freezer to the lowest temperature. Freeze till sheets are frozen hard. freezing is quicker and better in tray freezers. When not in use, sheets can be stored in freezer for ready availability again, as frozen sheets.

Its commonly used in ice Box ( thermal insulation ) in place of ice. Thicker Ice box give more insulation put the items to be kept cool in box and put the frozen sheets around and above the items to be kept cool. Keep the ice box sealed; open when necessary. After use frozen sheets will revert to room temperature and become soft. The sheets can be frozen again and reused.

How many Sheets: The number of sheets in ice-box depends on the volume of Ice Box. Rule of thumb is one sheet for every 4 liter size of ice box. For bigger ice box use more sheets, proportionately. More sheets give longer duration of cooling.

Using As Hot Pack
The sheets can be used as warmer by heating in Microwave Oven. Sheets can be heated up to about 60 degree celcius Heating time depends on power of oven, Heat for 30 second at a time and get an idea of more heating time suitable. Sheets can also be heated by putting into boiled water for about 5 minutes.

If you want to warm frozen sheets in microwave, allow sheets to thaw. But frozen sheet can be heated in water directly and clean it with towel.

Use the warm sheets in insulated plastic / other box to keep warm milk-bottles or placed food. After use hot sheets revert to room temperature. The sheets can be reheated and used again.

When going for a long trip, use two ice boxes
Keep food / drinks surrounded by frozen Easy Ice sheets in one box. in the second box, keep the deep frozen sheets and seal the box. When the sheets in the first box thaw out, replace by sheets in the second box.The sheets in second box will still be frozen.