4 - Ply Dry Sheets

What all it can do
⇒ It offers reusable, flexible & hygienic ice. It does not melt & wet like ice. It lasts for many reuse.
⇒ Used in Ice box to carry food, snacks and cold drinks. Stays cool for long time during outings.
⇒ Use for shipment of pharmaceuticals, agricultural and other temperature sensitive items.
⇒ It keeps the fridge cool during power failure, saves power consumption by reducing frequent switching of compressor.
⇒ Good to keep in home freezer. Use as ready first-aid for children, sports injuries and minor burns.
⇒ Also works as warmer. Heat it in microwave or in boiling water.
⇒ Often used as a gift item. Its very light and paper thin, insert in envelope and safely courier.

How to use Easy Ice Sheets
First step is Hydration, It is must for using the Easy Ice sheet. It is needed only once at the starting. The dry sheet cannot be used directly, either Cold or Hot. It enables sheet; to absorb water.

Take a small tub or kitchen top filled with lukewarm water. Dip dry Easy Ice sheet in the tub. Keeping it dipped, fold the sheet in bundle and gently squish (Scrunch or press and release)it repeatedly for 10 to 12 minutes. The sheet absorbs water and each cell will swell to about 2 cm thick. If any cell is slow to swell work it more to swell.

Dimensions of hydrated Sheet
⇒ 12 cell sheet-25 X 18 cm, weight - 400 grams.
⇒ 24 cell sheet-25 X 35 cm, weight - 800 grams
⇒ Do not cut the sheet for hydration. Do not over hydrate.

Freezing Hydrated sheet to use it Cold
Place the hydrated sheets flat in freezer. Sheets can be stacked one over other. Set the freezer to the lowest temperature. Freeze till sheets are frozen hard. Freezing is quicker, 2 to 3 hours in tray freezers. When not in use, sheets can be stored in freezer for ready availability next time.

Using frozen easy ice sheet
They are used in Ice Box (thermal insulation) in place of ice. Thicker ice box is better. Put the items to be kept cool in box and put the frozen Easy Ice sheets around and above the items to be kept cool. Keep the ice box sealed with cello tape; open when necessary. After use frozen sheets will revert to room temperature and become soft like hydrated sheets. The sheets can be frozen again and used. You don't have to repeat hydration.

Gel in the Easy Ice sheets is a fully nontoxic polymer. It's not for eating but fully safe to be in contact with food items. Hydrated sheets may feel slippery due to a bit of gel on the surface of the sheet. This has no effect and is safe to be in touch with any items being cooled in the Ice box.

How many sheets
The number of sheets in ice-box depends on the volume of Ice Box. Rule of thumb is one 24-cell sheet (or two 12-cell sheets) for every 6 litre Ice Box. More sheets will give longer duration of cooling.

Using Easy Ice Sheet as warmer
It can also be used as warmer by heating it in Microwave oven. Heating time depends on oven power. Adjust heating intreval in small increments from 30 sec to obtain required temperature. Sheets can be heated to about 65 degree Celsius. Sheets can also be heated by putting into boiled water for about 5 minutes. If frozen sheet is to be used hot, let it thaw before heating in microwave.

Use the warm sheets in insulated cover around milk bottles or other such items. After use hot sheets revers to room temperature . The sheets can be reheated and used. This can be done over many times.

When going for a long trip, use two ice boxes
Keep food items/drinks surrounded by frozen Easy Ice sheets in one box. In the second box, keep the deep frozen sheets and seal the box. When the sheets in the first box thaw out, replace form sheets in the second box. The sheets in second box will still be in good condition.