⇒ It's a novel and simple design of a Cold/ Hot pack.
⇒ One begins by adding lile water in the belt.
⇒ Freeze for cold use or microwave for hot use.
⇒ Belt is now ready for use.
⇒ Belt has Elasc straps. Enables use for body sizes large or small.
⇒ The belt easily engages on large parts like the waist or small part like elbow.
⇒ Stays Cold / Hot longer than other gel packs.
⇒ Compression by elasc belt provides effecve cold / hot therapy.
⇒ Use hands free. No holding required.
⇒ Comfortable for sick, old age and children.
⇒ Water based system hygienic & safe.

How to use
There is a small opening on the side of the belt. Pour 250 gm/cc warm water into the opening.

Aer pouring water; close the opening by hand or clips, Hold for about 5 minutes, move belt so that water can moves in all sides of belt. Water will get absorbed inside the belt. If lile water comes out, no maer. Clips can be removed now. Drain off unabsorbed water by inverng the belt.

Belt is now ready for use. It can be kept as it is or carried anywhere for use, when required. Belt size : 30 x 20 cm Weight : 440 gm

Cold Use
Place the belt flat in the freezer. Set the freezer to the lowest temperature. Let it freeze for 3 hours or more. Now Posion belt on the body and by using velcros hold at required posion. If you feel a frozen belt is too cool or hard, leave it in the open for a lile while to thaw & then use.

Hot Use
Instead of cold one can heat the belt. Place it flat in the microwave oven. Heang me depends on Oven power, one can set 40 seconds for a 700 wa oven. Adjust heang in small increments like 5 sec to suit the temperature required on the body. For safety, handle the hot belt with a small towel. Once heated, apply the belt on the body as required.

Posioning Cold Hot belt on Body
The belt is provided with elasc straps & posioning velcro segments. Apply belts to parts like knee, back, shoulder, elbow etc. Keep the cold/Hot side of the belt labelled 'INSIDE' to your body. The elasc is long enough to wrap around all parts of the body. For guidance see adjoining pictures or see videos at
⇒ Elasc enables compression for more effecve treatment and hands free use.
⇒ Easy Ice packs stay cool long enough for applying it on mulple parts one aer another, like a sports person may use on back, knee or elbow.
⇒ After use the belt will thaw to room temperature. One can freeze and heat mulple mes.
⇒ No need to put water in the belt every me. One can store the belt in a clean polyethylene bag.